Peter Boykin For US Congress Will Fight For We The People Not The Establishment

Written by on September 4, 2021

Peter Boykin For US Congress Will Fight For We The People Not The Establishment

I am a true grassroots candidate. A working-class citizen of We the People who continue to know how it is to be someone worrying how you will pay the next bill. A person who is experienced in knowledge and in life and understands its complexity.

Someone who has equally faced the same struggles as my fellow North Carolinians during this pandemic, and our deeply fraudulent 2020 election.


My livelihood both offline and online through the years has been put to a stop due to cancel culture and censorship. It is a sacrifice that was made in order to be the activist and person I am today. It has been worth it.

My question is this primary do you want to elect someone like myself who understands that I am not running to work for the Government but instead I am running to work for you as a Representative of this great state.

…Or you have the choice to vote for my opponents ( like Bo Hines ) who many are the same establishment-minded candidates that talk a good game with basic Republican talking points as they are well-liked by the Republican establishment.

But… you must understand that establishment is what got us into the mess we are in now.

The establishment is what time and time again steers our party in the wrong way or ignores our needs as citizens of We the People.

Did this establishment secure our vote or listen to its people about stoping the steal?

Is the establishment working hard to free our political prisoners from Jan 6th? Do they even care about Human Rights?

Did the establishment stop mask mandates? Forced Vaccination? Lockdowns?

Does the establishment even listen to the people?

Do they even understand the needs of the people they “govern”?

If you said no they don’t, then understand this I will listen, I will do, I will not forget my duty to the people.

So when this primary comes your choice is to keep going with the establishment or VOTE for a true Representative such as Peter Boykin.

Peter R Boykin
Peter Boykin For United States Congress

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