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Leaked documents are shedding light on the disorder and lack of urgency inside the Biden White House the night before the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul. They paint a picture of an administration that was unprepared to handle an evacuation that they should have seen coming.



Perspective: It’s important to remember as you read this, that Biden’s poor response resulted in 13 dead American soldiers, killed by a suicide bomber as they attempted to evacuate Afghans from the city. Not to mention, some Americans are still stuck in the Taliban-controlled city.

The new documents are summary notes of a meeting of Biden’s own National Security Council on August 14, 2021, at 3:30 pm – Taliban forces were literally entering Kabul while this meeting went down. Keep that in mind as you read these leaked notes:

“State will work to identify as many countries as possible to serve as transit points. Transit points need to be able to accommodate U.S. citizens, Afghan nationals, third country nationals, and other evacuees. (Action: State, immediately)”

“Embassy Kabul will notify LES [locally employed staff] to begin to register their interest in relocation to the United States and begin to prepare immediately for departure… (Action: Embassy Kabul, immediately)”
…why the hell was this still undecided at this point?

Biden advisors speak out: Along with these leaks, several high-ranking advisors to the administration have spoken out, on the record to highlight the disorder:

Matt Zeller, a former CIA officer said: “I kept being told by people in the [White House] the thing they were most concerned about was the optics of a chaotic evacuation. They treated us like we were Chicken Little. They didn’t believe the sky was falling… We offered to work with them to help evacuate our partners… They didn’t get back to us until Aug 15, the day Kabul fell.”

Mark Jacobson, a deputy NATO representative in Afghanistan during the Obama administration said: “That so much planning, prioritizing and addressing of key questions had not been completed, even as Kabul was about to fall, underscores the absence of adequate interagency planning.”

A recent poll from Rasmussen asked if voters thought Biden should be impeached for his failure in Afghanistan and immigration policies:
50% overall said yes
34% of Democrats said yes
If you would like to read the full leaked NSC memo, you can find it here.

[Source: Axios, Waking Up Right Newsletter]


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