Joe Bidens average approval rating is officially in the 30s

Written by on June 18, 2022

Joe Biden’s average approval rating is officially in the 30’s.

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Joe Biden’s average approval rating is officially in the 30’s.

Real Clear Politics takes all the approval polls conducted and averages them into one rating. And as of yesterday, Biden’s average officially hit 39.7% – down from 55% when he was sworn in on January 20, 2021.

🎥 Joe Biden tripped again while climbing the stairs to Air Force One.

Biden TRIPS UP Air Force One Stairs

“It appears as though the president did have a slight trip there”

🎥 LOL watch the General Motors CEO admit that her electric vehicle is charged by coal and natural gas.

GM CEO Admits Electric Vehicle Is Charged On Natural Gas

Kristin Zimmerman admits the Bolt is charged on natural gas

🎥 Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes. Watch an abortion activist get TAKEN DOWN by Secret Service when she tries to interrupt Biden’s motorcade.

Secret Service TAKES DOWN Abortion Activist In Biden’s Way

A pro-abortion protester standing in the road to protest Biden’s motorcade in Los Angeles was taken down by a Secret Service agent.

🎥 An NFL coach called out the media hypocrisy over January 6 versus the riots of 2020

NFL Coach Calls Out Media Hypocrisy On January 6 Vs 2020 Rioters

Jack Del Rio, Washington Commanders coach: “Businesses are being burned down, no problem… and then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down… and we’re gonna make that a major deal.”

🎥 The main hag on The View went viral yesterday for saying something really dumb about black gun owners.

Joy Behar goes viral for saying the dumbest thing ever about black Americans

Who wants to tell her?

🎥 Does Trump have a crystal ball? Here he is in 2020 warning of rising gas prices if Joe Biden became president.

“You’re paying what $2 dollars a gallon…
If Biden got in you would be paying $7/$8/$9 and then they would say get rid of your car”

📰 Article worth reading: I Rented an Electric Car for a Four-Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping.


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