Joe Biden Gave the Taliban an Army of Weapons

Written by on August 20, 2021

Joe Biden Gave the Taliban an Army of Weapons

Joe Biden’s poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan has left billions of dollars worth of American military weapons and vehicles in the hands of the Taliban terrorists.



Here’s what they now own, courtesy of your tax dollars:

▪️ 2,000+ armored vehicles, like humvees
▪️ 40 aircraft: UH-60 Blackhawks, attack helicopters, and military drones
▪️ 600,000 weapons like M16 assault rifles and howitzers
▪️ 162,000 pieces of communication equipment
▪️ 16,000 night-vision goggles

Making matters worse: The Biden regime has argued that the vehicles and aircraft may require too much maintenance for the Taliban to keep functional. But that’s not necessarily a good thing, because the Taliban could end up handing them over to adversaries like China, Russia, or even ISIS.

There are reports that the Biden regime is considering airstrikes to destroy the larger equipment, but fears it risks angering the Taliban while Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.

Former President Trump weighed in, saying: “Can anyone even imagine taking out our Military before evacuating civilians and others who have been good to our Country and who should be allowed to seek refuge… these people left topflight and highly sophisticated equipment… Under my Administration, all civilians and equipment would have been removed.”

[Source: Reuters, and Waking Up Right]

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