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Back in June, a bipartisan group of Senators passed a bill that would provide billions in funding for companies to manufacture semiconductor chips in the United States.

Why this matters: The U.S. is facing a massive shortage of semiconductor chips. Semiconductors are a vital piece of technology needed in a wide range of products, from cars to washing machines. And because of that chip shortage, the price of new and used cars is skyrocketing for consumers.

In 2021 vehicle prices went up by $6,220
In December alone used car prices were up 37%

As of today, Taiwan controls about 60% of global semiconductor manufacturing. China and the U.S. each control about 7%. [source] Topic for another day, this is why China wants to take over Taiwan.

Back to the Dems: Democrat Senator Mark Warner, who co-sponsored the chip bill, admits that House Dems and the Biden administration have put it on the back-burner for 7 months, while they focused on priorities like changing election laws.

Warner said:
“What I got frustrated with… I think the Biden administration was focused on other items.”
“There are cars sitting in lots across the Midwest. What are they missing? They’re missing the semiconductors. So much of our cars now are computer-driven. Without those semiconductor chips that make a lot of the functionality in the cars work, you can’t deliver them into the marketplace.”

The good news: It does sound like drastic inflation has forced Democrats’ hands. Biden has signaled he wants the House to pass the Senate’s bill. And Nancy Pelosi has finally signaled she will introduce the bill in the House. But this all could have been done 7 months ago. We’ve wasted precious time. And instead of those chips rolling off the manufacturing lines today when we need them, we’re playing catch up.

So if you’re like me, and your car lease is up soon. Thank Joe and Nancy when you get to the dealership and find the prices are through the roof.

[Source: Just the News]

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