Dave Chappelle Show Cancelled After Violent Leftist Antifa Threats Just Hours Before Starting

Written by on July 27, 2022

Dave Chappelle Show Cancelled After Violent Leftist Antifa Threats Just Hours Before Starting

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Dave Chappelle Show Cancelled After Violent Leftist Antifa Threats Just Hours Before Starting


Comedian Dave Chappelle had a sold-out show scheduled in Minneapolis.

At the last minute, the theater cancelled the show after group of protesters threatened to become violent if Chappelle was allowed to perform.

Chappelle’s show was originally set to take place at First Avenue, a popular venue in Minneapolis, the Daily Mail reported.

At the last minute, First Avenue canceled the show, allegedly in response to demands from MnUprising, an activist group that claimed that Chappelle was transphobic.

The group complained that Chappelle “Harmed” them with his “Transphobic views.”

In a Tweet, the group specifically called out Chappelle and his fans for being hateful.

Show up tonight to let Dave Chappelle, his fans and First Ave know their hatred isn’t welcome here.

Though First Avenue did not specifically say that it was cancelling the show just due to the protestations over Chappelle’s comedy concerning transgenderism, in a Twitter post the venue said, “We hear you. Tonight’s show has been cancelled at First Avenue and is moving to the Varsity Theater.”

The venue’s statement said that it believed in “Diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression,” and it was sorry that it had let down its “Staff, artists, and our community” by booking Chappelle.

Chappelle and his jokes about gender, transgenders and other sensitive cultural issues have been the subject of controversy for several months.

Last fall, there were calls for Chappelle and his comedy special, “The Closer” to be removed from Netflix after LGBTQ+ groups complained of Chappelle’s comedy being insensitive, NPR reported.

Chappelle has not stopped cracking jokes about the transgender community, Newsweek reported.

Though Chappelle has faced backlash and many would like to see him and his comedy canceled, his shows have gone on.

Chappelle is not some noble crusader for freedom, but it is crucial for the sake of freedom of speech, culture and even human sanity that comedy like his be left unbound.

Chappelle can be coarse and his comedy might not be funny to everyone.

But he is needed

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