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I’m going to do things a little differently in this article. Because the interactions were so back-and-forth, I’m going to link to the video of each. This way you can pick and choose which parts interest you.

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson sat down for her second day of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee. And she faced some difficult questions from Republicans about her past rulings on child pornography as well as her beliefs about gender and critical race theory.

As you view these interactions you’re going to notice one common theme: Judge Jackson never addresses the question. She always pivots and dances around it. Which is probably smart on her part, but ultimately leaves serious questions about how she truly feels about these issues.

Child pornography: As we discussed previously, Judge Brown’s record on sentencing purveyors of child pornography is troubling. In every instance where she could, she gave below the recommended minimum sentence for guilty pedophiles. And Senators Cruz and Hawley hammered her for it:

Senator Ted Cruz outlines all of the cases where Brown gave lenient sentences to pedophiles.

Cruz then reads a quote from Brown where she suggests that not all child porn offenders are pedophiles.

Senator Josh Hawley asks Judge Jackson why she APOLOGIZED to a pedophile after only giving him three months in prison

Judge Jackson told Hawley she handed down a lenient sentence to a pedophile because “he presented all of his diplomas and certificates”

Judge Jackson refused to answer whether the U.S. should strengthen or weaken sentences for child pornographers.

Critical Race Theory: Judge Brown sits on the board of Georgetown Day School, a K-12 private school in D.C. that teaches Critical Race Theory to students as young as four years old. Senators questioned her about CRT and at no point does she denounce it.

Senator Ted Cruz grilled her on the topic

As she responded, Cruz caught her in a lie

A few more noteworthy interactions:

Judge Jackson says she “sees the arguments on both sides” for adding more seats to the Supreme Court.

Senator Tom Cotton asked why she apologized to a drug kingpin and reduced his jail sentence.

She was asked at what point life begins – a question to understand her stance on abortions.

She was asked about gender, and whether she believes there are physical differences between men and women.

Senator Marsha Blackburn asked if she could define the word “woman.”

Judge Jackson faces more days of questioning before the Senate votes on whether to confirm her.

[Source: RNC Research]

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