Biden Left Our Americans To Die in Afghanistan

Written by on September 4, 2021

Biden Left Americans To Die in Afghanistan

A convicted rapist from Afghanistan that was deported by former President Trump made his way back to the United States last week on an evacuation flight from Kabul airport.
I thought the Biden administration told us that Afghan’s were being highly vetted before being brought to the U.S.?

So while Biden leaves American citizens behind, he still managed to bring back an Afghan rapist that Trump already kicked out.



The United States just pulled its last troops out of Afghanistan, after 20 years in the region. But in doing so, Joe Biden just left thousands of American citizens and allies to die at the hands of the Taliban and ISIS-K.

Left behind: Over the past few weeks, the U.S. has evacuated over 120,000 people from the country… But only 5,000 were Americans. The administration admits there are “hundreds” of Americans left behind. And on our final day in the country, “none of them made it to the airport.”

I think it’s more than “hundreds”. Just two weeks ago we were told there were 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan. Where did the other 10,000 Americans go?

Biden’s broken promise: Over the last few weeks, Biden promised he would not leave Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated. He told ABC News on August 19th:

“If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until they get out.”

Senator Tom Cotton said it well: “He promised the Taliban we’d be out by August 31. He promised the Americans in Afghanistan he’d stay to get them out. He kept his promise to the Taliban. He broke his promise to Americans.”

For perspective: I can’t stress how dangerous it is that we left Americans in the hands of the Taliban. These are animals. It’s the Taliban using our Blackhawk helicopters to hang someone by their neck.

Biden will address the nation, He says he will explain his reasoning for leaving before all Americans have been rescued. This was interesting.


A blockbuster report from The Washington Post [of all places] exposed how the Biden administration had a chance to take control of the entire city of Kabul from the Taliban – but declined to act.

The details: After most of Afghanistan had fallen to the Taliban but before they took over Kabul, the Biden administration held top-secret meetings with senior Taliban officials. In that meeting, the Taliban offered to let the U.S. keep control over Kabul and the airport. But the Biden administration declined, saying it only wanted the airport and would be gone by August 31st.

Fast forward a few weeks and that decision cost the lives of 13 American soldiers and dozens of Afghans. Not to mention, it’s led to a dangerous and chaotic frenzy to evacuate before the 31st.

Senator Marsha Blackburn commented on the report, saying Biden was complicit in “a terrorist takeover.’

[Source: Washington Post]

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