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Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez [AOC], Ilhan Omar, and 15 other Democrat lawmakers were ‘arrested’ by Capitol Police for illegally protesting in the street outside the Capitol.


The protest was over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


Capitol Police tweeted: “We made a total of 35 arrests for Crowding, Obstructing or Incommoding (DC Code § 22–1307). That arrest number includes 17 Members of Congress.”


Capitol Police tweeted this warning prior to making arrests: “Demonstrators are starting to block First Street, NE. It is against the law to block traffic, so officers are going to give our standard three warnings before they start making arrests.”


Theatrics: AOC was rightfully mocked on social media for pretending to be handcuffed as police escorted her out of the street [see photo above]. She held her arms behind her back, to make it appear they were being restrained by the officer.


Citation vs. Arrest: This is being called an ‘arrest’ by Capitol Police, which is why I refer to it that way. But no arrests were technically made. It appears these Democrat members of Congress were just issued citations.


The NCSL explains: “A citation is a written or electronic order issued by a law enforcement officer or other authorized official. Instead of an arrest or continued detention, the citation releases the person on the promise to appear in court (or another government office) or pay a fine.”


In my humble opinion: [This is complete speculation by me] This feels like coordinated theatrics between Democrats and Capitol Police. Remember, Nancy Pelosi runs the Capitol Police. And shortly after the Reps. were “arrested” for their protest, they were taking pictures with the same Capitol Police officers.


Consider this: The protests over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade have been way more muted than Democrats expected. It feels like they’re trying to rile up the American people around “abortion rights” and putting their most radical faces on the front lines to sell it.


[Source: Washington Examiner, GrandOldMemes on Instagram]

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